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Forza Warranty Policy

The warranties provided by Forza in this statement apply exclusively to Forza appliances and accessories sold as new products to the original owner by a Forza authorized distributor, retailer, dealer or service center and installed in the United States.
The warranties provided in this statement are not transferable and have validity from the date of original purchase.
Duration of Warranty:
For twenty-four (24) months from the original date of purchase, the Forza warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or
replace, under normal residential use, any part of the product proving to be defective in material or workmanship as a result of
the original manufacturing process. Repair service must be performed by a Forza Authorized Service Center during normal
working hours.
Responsibilities of the Buyer:
When writing or calling about a service problem, please include the following information:
• Your name, address and telephone number;
• Appliance model and serial number;
• Name of your dealer;
• A clear description of the problem you are having;
• Proof of purchase (sales receipt).
Cosmetic Warranty:
Forza will cover parts showing cosmetic defects (doors, handles, glass, product frames, racking and interior, exterior surfaces)
in material and workmanship for a period of seven (7) days after the delivery of the unit. This coverage will include scratches,
stains, surface imperfections on stainless steel, paint and porcelain, with the exclusion of slight differences in color due to
materials and painting/enameling technologies. However, slight color variation may be noticed because of the inherent
differences in painted parts and porcelain parts as well as differences in kitchen lighting, product locations, and other factors.
Therefore, this warranty does not apply to color variation attributable to such factors.
1) The product used in any commercial application.
2) Service trips to your home, during which no fault is found.
3) Repair service provided by any service agency that is not Forza authorized.
4) Damage or repair service to correct any service provided by an unauthorized agency.
5) Damage or repair service to correct the use, addition or substitution of any original part with an unauthorized part.
6) Installation not in accordance with local electrical codes or plumbing codes.
7) Defects or damage due to improper storage of the product.
8) Damages due to failure in following the manufacturer's recommended care, cleaning and maintenance instructions;
in particular, damages to the oven and/or the cooktop if they have not been cared and cleaned according to these
9) Defects, damages or missing parts on products sold out of the original factory packaging or from displays.
10) Service calls or repairs to correct the installation of the product and/or related accessories, calibrations and normal
adjustments after installation and setup, including burner adjustments.