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What's the Best Wood for Your Pizza Oven?

June 02, 2023 0 comments

Wood fired brick pizza

When it comes to cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven, the choice of firewood plays a crucial role in the flavor of your food. Selecting the right wood can make a significant difference in the taste and aroma of your pizzas. In this blog post, we'll outline three rules to help you identify the best firewood for your pizza oven, ensuring optimal cooking temperatures and delicious results.

Rule #1 - "Stick to Hardwoods" - When using a pizza oven, it's essential to only use hardwoods. Softwoods like pine or spruce don't burn hot enough to achieve the desired pizza-cooking temperature. Opting for hardwoods, such as oak and maple, guarantees a high-performance burn, allowing you to reach temperatures over 700 degrees Fahrenheit—ideal for perfecting your pizza creations.

Types of Hardwoods for Different Flavors 

  1. Oak and Maple: These dense and durable woods provide a long-lasting, intense heat. They are perfect for maintaining high cooking temperatures, making them the top choices for pizza enthusiasts.
  2. Birch, Maple, and Alder: Slightly softer than oak and maple, these woods are still excellent options for your wood-fired oven. They work well for cooking pork and seafood, where extremely high temperatures are not necessary.
  3. Almond, Pecan, Apple, and Cherry: Nut or fruit woods like these add a delightful, sweet aroma to your food. They are particularly suitable for beef or fish dishes, but can be used for various food types.
  4. Mesquite, Hickory, and Ash: These woods are known for their distinct smoky flavors. Pitmasters often use them to infuse a robust "wood-fired" taste into poultry and barbecue-style foods like smoked ribs or corn on the cob.

Rule #2 - Avoid Softwoods and Treated Wood (Word Count: 80) Never use softwoods such as pine, fir, or spruce in your pizza oven. They produce sap and leave residue and excessive soot, coating your oven and affecting both the taste and your health. Additionally, avoid construction lumber, laminated wood, plywood, or any painted or treated wood. Chemicals from these materials can taint your food and pose health risks when exposed to high temperatures.

Rule #3 - Use Dry Firewood (Word Count: 70) Always use dry firewood for your oven. Freshly cut or "greenwood" contains moisture that hinders proper combustion and can prevent the wood from burning altogether. Hardwoods typically need at least six months of seasoning after being cut to ensure most of the moisture has evaporated. Using well-seasoned firewood guarantees efficient and flavorful cooking.

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Choosing the right firewood is essential for maximizing the flavor of your wood-fired pizza oven. By following the rules of using hardwoods, avoiding softwoods and treated wood, and opting for well-seasoned firewood, you'll create a culinary experience that surpasses expectations. So, the next time you fire up your pizza oven, remember to select the best wood for a delicious and authentic pizza adventure.

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